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The importance of protecting children’s rights

Children are the future of any community. They are the next generation that will form the workforce, economy and stability of any country or community. Therefore protecting children is very important to protect the world that we live in. When called “children” what most people don’t understand is that it not only refers to your own child or two. The term refers to the entire child population of the world and each of us has a responsibility toward the betterment of all children whose rights are violated in this world. Today’s child will be tomorrow’s adult. What a person receives in the childhood is what decides the type of adult he will become. There are millions of children around the world; even in the countries that are named “developed” that have issues with children’s rights.

A child is anybody who is below the age of 18 and who is a legal will lawyer Sydney. Child rights are common to any child regardless of the color, nationality, caste, creed, sex or social status. All children are considered EQUAL in the eyes of the law and are privileged for equal benefits and rights. A child is an innocent soul who requires the warmth and love of a caring parent or a guardian. More than the physical benefits and comfort, what children really require is the freedom to grow, learn, explore and enjoy their childhood and to mature slowly with time and the amount of experiences they gather in life. But unfortunately children today are faced with many obstacles and problems in life that they are forced to mature earlier and act like adults. Divorce and separation leading to consultation of family lawyers and courts have pushed children to grow up faster than they are expected to.
There are many international organizations and established non-profit charity organizations such as UNICEF, ‘Save the children’, SOS and many more institutions that provide for the well-being of children. On the other hand, police, government departments and ministries for women’s and children’s affairs, domestic violence advocate Sydney and other community service organizations are ready to help and assist at the time of any type of violation of child rights. It is the responsibility of all citizens to observe and inform the authorities of any type of child abuse including physical, mental or sexual harassment, child employment, child marriage, prevention of basic rights such as education, safety and other necessities and any other type of violation of rights. Child rights are essential for the proper development of a child. Even in the classroom environment and at home, protecting child rights and treating children in the correct way will definitely result in the output of a complete and a good citizen for the country. As respectable citizens and parents, have good knowledge of rights of children and make an attempt to treat all children as of your own.

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